October is world dyslexia awareness month and Gazelle Creative Collective collaborated with Artists and community leaders in Kaduna State, Nigeria to raise awareness about Dyslexia in the community. Dyslexia is a common learning disorder which is often dismissed and denied in our community, affects 1 in 5 people globally. The Mind Aware Exhibition is the first Dyslexia Awareness Exhibition to have ever taken place in Kaduna State and it’s primary focus was to to open minds and reeducate the general public about what Dyslexia really is and how to address it. The Mind Aware Exhibition took place on the 30th October , 2021 at the Lumana Events Center, Zamani College, Jabi Road, Kaduna. Artists that lended their voices using theri creativity include Rebi Samaila, Ibrahim Ciroma, Zainab Isa, Vicar Vick, Saidu Hasheem and Imran Tilde. We partnered with Haske Children’s Foundation, Amina Dyslexia Center, Learners Den, Tanar Educational Consulting, Dyslexia Nigeria, Kaduna Global Shapers Community and a host of other community organizations.



Visitor interacting with art by Zainab Isa

Activities that took place at the event include an Art Exhibition, Panel Discussion, Drama Presentation, Story Exchange Session, Poetry Recitation, and Film Screening. Schools, Government Ministries, and the general public graced the occasion. The event was an informative and exciting one with great reception, we look forward to the next edition in 2022. 

Art by Rebi Samaila
Exhibiting Artist, Vicar Vick explaining his works to school children
School children interacting with displayed artworks
Q&A Session between artists and visitors