The first edition of the Kaduna Fashion and Arts Exhibition (KAFART) which took place in 2019 focused on the role fashion and art have to play to sustain the environment. The fashion industry is a trillion-dollar industry and one of the top users of natural resources and polluters of communities in which it operates. It is not new that fashion as an industry is now having a moment, particularly in the sustainability dialogue. The fashion industry contributes a lot of wastes which are not disposed of properly. Some creatives have begun using these wastes to make art pieces, upcycled clothing and other fashion items. With this, we are trying to get more creatives on board to get involved in the sustainability conversation and strive towards protecting the environment in their own way. Recycling, upcycling and using environmentally safe materials has been the major solution implemented by some artists and fashion designers in our community

Visitors interacting with artworks